atmospheric water recovery


In the 21st century amidst the social and technological advancements, almost 1 billion people lack access to clean water, millions die and many more suffer. The mankind monumental achievements in medicine, science, and technology have been overshadowed by social inequality and the inability to provide everyone with access to the basic human needs: water, food and shelter.

There are known methods of extracting moisture from ambient air such as vapor compression technology or systems based on liquid desiccant. All existing technologies bare high manufacturing cost, high operating cost, high maintenance, and limited range of operating environment.

Vitality Vector desiccant assisted atmospheric water recovery system can extract water from ambient air almost in all climatic zones, even if the moisture content is as low as 4 gr/kg. The process requires less then 50 kwatt of electric energy and 900,000 kcal of low-grade thermal energy to recover 1000 litres of atmospheric water.

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