Self-Sustainable “Water For Schools” System

Our company pledges 10% of the profit towards providing clean drinking water to schools in poor communities in water scarce regions. These areas have an abundance of solar radiation, making our solar panel operated models to be completely self-sustainable.

The system consists of an array of flat plate solar heat collectors that form a  canopy structure to create shade for a classroom and a water recovery system that can recover up to 800 litter of drinking water per day, using thermal energy absorbed by the solar heat collectors.

The other vital factor is that our fresh water extraction method has no adverse effect on the environment. There is no threat of contamination or salination of the ground waters that is commonly present in boreholes drilling projects.

The simplicity of the design and very low maintenance requirements are the other advantages of this technological process. It means that the local villagers do not need extensive training to operate or service the equipment.

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