The Innovation

The Innovation

The Innovation can be defined as either an introduction of a new idea or concept, or a new practical solution to an existing idea or concept.

At Vitality Vector we have developed a new technological concept that takes advantage of the desiccant qualities to dehumidify air by adsorbing water vapors from it.  This process can yield a substantial amount of distilled water virtually in any climatic zone, desalinate or purify the existing water source and efficiently and effectively cool the air even in the most hot and humid environments.

The simplicity of construction (using mostly standard and non-moving parts) insures low installation cost, minimum maintenance and no downtime. The green technology has no adverse effect on the environment. It is powered mostly by thermal energy and only needs electric energy to operate fans, small pumps and electronics. Sources of thermal energy may be various: waste heat, fuel, or solar radiation.

Waste heat will provide the minimal cost of water recovery. It is available and may be utilized in a variety of applications in the developed world.
 Solar radiation is the most universal energy source as there is deficiency of fresh water in those arid areas of the world where direct solar radiation is maximal.
 Burning fuel is the least desirable source of thermal energy, due to high costs and negative environmental effects.

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