Self-sustainable greenhouse system for hot and humid climates.

Development and growth possibilities of the world’s horticulture sector are threatened by high cost in maintaining greenhouse climate control and limited amounts of available water for irrigation. The quality of the irrigation water is also critical, since water-borne pathogens on crops can cause diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

There is a growing demand for sustainable food production even in the regions that do not have favorable conditions for crop cultivation, such as Middle East or Northern Africa. With that in mind, we have developed self-sustainable greenhouse system for hot and humid climates. We can cool a greenhouse and produce enough water for irrigation using mostly solar heat, which we recover by retrofitting the roof of the greenhouse to function as a solar heat collector.

The advantages of this system are self-evident. It makes it feasible to grow crops even in the regions that generally are considered to be hostile to cultivation. It also increases yield of the crops and the number of annual crop cycles, both of which are effected by temperature and humidity fluctuations, as well as lack of good quality irrigation water.

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