Desalination or Purification

Desalination or Purification

Desalination has become a major alternative source of fresh water. The large variety of desalination techniques have been developed and employed. However, desalination  plants bare high installation cost, complicated maintenance, and have adverse effect on the marine ecosystem, mostly due to brine production.

Vitality Vector has developed low-tech methods of water desalination/purification and distillation, which overcome these obstacles.

Desiccant assisted desalination or purification system uses the same principle as the atmospheric water recovery process, only coupled with a uniquely designed water dispersing system to humidify the working air.

Thermal distillation is a known process of evaporation-condensation cycle. We have significantly improved the efficiency of the processes by developing an efficient air humidification system and a unique moisture condenser, capable of using saline water as a cooling medium. The process requires less than 40 kwatt of electric energy and 900,000 kcal of low-grade thermal energy to distillate 1000 liters of saline water. The technology is scalable.

    Low operating cost.   Low maintenance.   Zero discharge.

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